I was born and raised on a cul-de-sac in Rockland County, New York about 30 minutes north of Manhattan. Being the youngest of four boys athletics and outdoorsmanship were the most prized of skills. Our block was the hangout for all the neighborhood kids and every summer we would organize our own private Olympics, although the competitions we invented were in no way sanctioned by the OOC.

In my early teens I broke away from the tribe when I stumbled upon art as a new form of self-expression. That soon led to my discovering the broad world of museums and galleries in Manhattan and then eventually its’ plethora of theatrical offerings. I pursued my passions for theater and art from high school into college and eventually to the Conservatory at SUNY Purchase from which I graduated with a BFA in Theatrical Design.
Within months of receiving my degree I moved out to Los Angeles just in time to be greeted by the Northridge quake of ’94. Still, thanks to the skills I’d learned at SUNY Purchase, I was ripe and ready for work as soon as my feet hit the ground.

Within a couple of years I would meet my one in a billion wife Susan and also join the Art Directors Guild while working on the first annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since then I’ve steadily been working my way up the ladder under the tutelage of several fun and creative production designers,
gleaning from them their best work habits and polishing my own toolkit along the way.

At this point in my career I consider myself an emerging Production Designer having recently helmed the Art Department for the shows “Men
at Work” for TBS and “Sports Jeopardy!” For Sony/Crackle. I truly enjoyed every minute of these projects as I embraced the role of Production
Designer and, with that same fervor, I look forward to many new shows and new challenges ahead.

January 2015